Each of our projects is different but our approach to choosing technology remains the same.

Having an experienced in-house development team ensures we have full knowledge of what is required by all involved in the project, with the site location, feedstock and specific needs driving the technology choice.

The technologies we use all meet the highest environmental standards, are less carbon-intensive and are significantly more efficient than incinerators in providing base-load energy production. They all meet the European Union’s R1 energy efficiency threshold which classifies the technology as energy recovery, not disposal.

We follow several core principles when making our selection.

our core principles

Carry out internal due diligence using our in-house engineering expertise

Use proven, best available technology with highest efficiency and lowest emissions

Partner with credible EPC and O&M contractors

We don’t upscale technology as up-scaling can create problems

Kobelco Eco Solutions

Japanese company Kobelco is a leading global engineering equipment supplier which has been constructing waste projects for 25 years. It has 16 waste gasification facilities operational in Japan and South Korea.

The Hooton Park facility will be the first facility in the UK to use the well proven fluidised bed gasification technology, using  residual municipal solid waste as feedstock.


In 2017, CoGen acquired Canadian company Nexterra Systems. Nexterra is a global developer and supplier of waste gasification systems that convert non-recyclable waste materials into clean, renewable heat and power.

We use the proven Nexterra gasification technology in 3 of our 4 waste wood gasification facilities. However, whilst we own this technology, we remain neutral when selecting the best available technology for each project.


Finnish company Outotec’s fluidised bed gasification technology is installed in our Ince Park facility which uses waste wood feedstock.

The proven technology is installed worldwide in over 100 facilities, with 15 of these using Outotec’s advanced staged gasification technology on a variety of waste fuels.

The long retention time in the gasification process ensures high efficiency and complete destruction of exhaust gas contaminants.