We are proud to sponsor endeavours in our community and get behind teams to help them realise their goals.

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Helping propel the Astro to Atlantic team!

Astro to Atlantic is an all-women rowing crew taking on the formidable challenge of rowing 3,000 miles from the Canary Islands to Antigua. The team have their hearts, minds and bodies set on becoming the fastest all-women crew to cross the Atlantic.

The challenge is relentless, rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off, 24 hours a day until they reach Antigua. Throughout the arduous endeavour, the rowers will face a constant battle of sleep deprivation, blisters, salt sores and exhaustion; it is the ultimate test of endurance, taking the team to their physical and emotional limits.

We’re in oar. Oops! We mean awe! Follow the team’s journey here.


CoGen partnership supporting grass roots to top flight rugby

CoGen and our partner Ashfords LLP, a national law firm with its roots firmly in the South West, share a passion for developing and supporting our local communities. We support top flight rugby in the Westcountry through continued sponsorship of Kingsbridge Rugby Football Club (KRFC) as well as key players from Premiership Championship contenders Exeter Chiefs, James Kenny and Stu Townsend.

CoGen’s CEO, Ian Brooking, commented:

“It’s great to sponsor and support Devon’s top Rugby Club, Exeter Chiefs. Having grown up in Devon with a love for Rugby, these South West sporting teams are particularly close to my heart. To be able to contribute to the clubs success is a fantastic personal, as well as professional achievement.”

Photo courtesy of @ppauk

Photo courtesy of @ppauk