Ince Bio Power

Ince Bio Power is a 21.5 MWe, £95 million, Waste Timber Gasification project at Protos, Formerly known as Ince Park, In Cheshire. It is utilising the Outotec Fluidised Bed Advanced Gasification technology. Cogen have again fully developed the project and is a significant shareholder. Ince Bio Power has entered into a lease agreement on two plots totalling some 7.5 Hectares on the Protos Site owned by Peel Environmental    .

Our fuel supplier on this project is Ince Park Renewables who will ensure all feedstock is from the local economy. They are developing a new 12-acre timber processing facility on the Protos site to ensure and safeguard waste feedstock supply to the plant. The EPC contract for this project is a joint venture between MWH Treatment Limited and Black & Veatch Limited.

MWH Treatment have partnered with Black & Veatch to utilise their knowledge within the power generation sector. The Operations will be undertaken by MWH Treatment Limited. CoGen managed the construction and operation of the facility on behalf of the project company and also manage the company itself. Our funding partners for this project are Bioenergy Infrastructure Limited whom we have worked closely with to ensure the development of a multitude of other projects.

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