Dartmoor Bio Power

Dartmoor Bio Power is a 3.5MWe Waste Timber Advanced Gasification project in Plymouth. It is utilising the Nexterra technology and is currently in the final stages of construction. CoGen own 50% of shares within this project alongside our funding partners, Aurium Capital.

CoGen are completely managing the construction of the project and the management of the project company. On this project, CoGen will also be operating the plant whilst having complete operational control of the facility. The electricity from this plant will be wholly sold via a private wire arrangement with waste heat also being supplied to the same company.

Our feedstock supplier is a local waste timber aggregator which ensures all of our waste feedstock comes from within the local area. This is an exciting project as the private wire arrangement and heat off-take has provided benefit to one of the largest employers in the local area helping secure their position within the local economy. A winner of the best Waste to Energy project at the national recycling awards; this project was instrumental in positioning CoGen as the leading Advanced Gasification business in the UK.

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