Birmingham Bio Power

Birmingham Bio Power is a 9MWe Waste Timber Gasification plant. Developed by the CoGen team, this project is in full operation. Utilising the Nexterra Gasification technology, this project has been constructed by our construction partners MWH Treatment Limited whom have undertaken a fixed price Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) contract on this £47 million project which once completed, will undertake the operation and maintenance of the facility.

Built on the site of Webster and Horsfall, the oldest company in Birmingham, this project has seeded the development of a renewable hub in the centre of Birmingham. Its location next to the existing main waste incinerator in Birmingham, ensured we minimised the local impact on the environment.

Our timber supplier is a local company, Jack Moody Envirofuels Limited. Part of Jack Moody Group, a family owned business which has been centered in the West Midlands for over half a century, has again ensured that we are utilising local waste to drive the local economy.

The lead funder on this project is Balfour Beatty Investments who worked with CoGen to co-ordinate multiple debt and equity partners to deliver the first significant project of its kind in the UK.

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