Our Projects

Our Projects are spread throughout the UK; each project is different. The key driver on the sizing and location of facilities is the local availability of feedstock or waste.

Our aim is to always deliver exceptional, sustainable projects that ensure local waste delivers revenue to its local community. Each project has to pass stringent financial and technical due diligence before reaching financial close. This thorough and vigorous vetting process ensures projects are delivered ahead of time and on budget in order to deliver the best returns for all of the partners involved.

The diligent and focused management of projects by CoGen’s own in house staff through the construction and operations, mean we ensure the best returns for CoGen through its significant shareholding within each project as well as for the funders of the project. The fact CoGen does all of this in house ensures we are capturing valuable know how that gives us a major edge over competitors in the field.

Welland Bio Power

Ince Bio Power

Birmingham Bio Power

Dartmoor Bio Power