What is CoGen about?

CoGen aims to be recognised as the leading developer of Energy from Waste (EfW) projects in Europe.

CoGen develops, constructs, manages and owns Advanced Conversion Technology gasification projects utilising waste and biomass feedstocks.

CoGen funds all its projects (1MWe to 50MWe) through a portfolio funding approach, and utilises proven technologies and experienced EPC/O&M contractors to execute multiple projects concurrently across the UK.

CoGen will, over time, begin to leverage its experience into lucrative waste markets across Europe.

Sites are selected to minimise the transportation of waste within the UK and to ensure local benefit is gained from community waste. We partner with industry experts from the fields of technical consulting, feedstock supply, construction, operation and finance in order to deliver successful projects that will have a positive impact on the environment. Once the site is developed, our specialist team at CoGen manages each gasification plant on behalf of our funders and shareholders, from construction through to operation in order to ensure the project is successful.

What’s in progress

Currently we have four projects under construction with a total investment of £250 million and an export capacity of circa 45 MWe. We are continuing to build on our existing positive track record for delivering quality projects.

What are our plans?

To make a difference. Here at CoGen we have a large pipeline of projects under development at all times and aim to take two new projects through financial close to construction every year. We are always looking for new development sites and opportunities as well as looking to recruit new talent within the CoGen team, so please get in touch with us if you feel that together we can make a difference.

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